PoDIUM holds its 2nd plenary meeting in Barcelona

The PoDIUM project recently held its second plenary meeting in Barcelona on 11 and 12 July. Hosted by project partner i2CAT, the meeting brought together project partners from across the consortium to discuss the achievements and key advancements of the project and align vision on the next steps. The meeting heightened the spirit of collaboration and innovation among the project partners to continue the hard work and achieve the project’s vision of accelerating CCAM technology for higher vehicle automation.

Leaders of the ongoing Work Packages presented an overview of the progress since the last plenary meeting to the project consortium, highlighting key achievements in the last few months. The scope and objectives of the new tasks that will begin in the upcoming months was also discussed to ensure alignment of all partners. The meeting was the perfect opportunity for the partners to have insightful conversations, collect feedback, and reach agreements on important points for the continuation of activities.

Particular focus was placed on Work Package 3 through a workshop organised by project partner Ulm University. The workshop covered a lot of ground and resulted in valuable input for the development of the PoDIUM platform architecture, which will form the reference for the systems developed in the project Living Labs to ensure interoperability.