PoDIUM will develop high-value use cases from both urban and highway environments. The use cases will be demonstrated and validated under real-life conditions at the PoDIUM Living Labs in Germany, Italy and Spain, in cross-border environments, highways and tunnels.
Through these use cases, the project will address the needs to achieve advanced Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) services and higher levels of automated driving, based on realistic problems recognised by experts and key stakeholders.


Urban use case in the City of Ulm:

Cooperative Corridor Management in the City of Ulm


Urban use case in the City of Turin:
Trusted Cooperative Perception for Intersection Manoeuvre Assistance

Highway use case in the Trentino Alto Adige region:
Risk Management in a Highway Tunnel


Urban use case in the City of Barcelona:
Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) for a User-Centric, CCAM-enabled Traffic Management in Urban Corridors with High Priority Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)

Highway use case on the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor (French-Spanish border between Perpignan and Figueres):
Real-time responsive PDI for CCAM-enabled Traffic Management in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor